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Anmeldeformular CYNETART 2010 (.pdf)entry deadline 28th February 2010
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Media art is the sensate modelling and equally the almost scientific exploration of the human perception assisted by instruments of media technology. Its starting point is the sensate and conscious presence in our world. This includes various relationships between intrinsic and extrinsic experiences. (see Werner Jauk)

The desired objective of the competition is a multi-perspective discussion of the present development, serving to sensualise the connections.
Based on an „architecture of human perception“ (Klaus Nicolai) we differentiate exploration and modelling according to the following dimensions of human existence in time and space:

_ cosmic
_ global
_ social
_ cultural
_ transcendental
_ mental
_ sensate
_ psychic
_ organic
_ neuro-electric
_ bio-chemical
_ genetic
_ (sub-)atomic

Media art reflects a culture, which is constituted from a global participation and networking of electronic technologies. How does this electronic networking and re-presence of our world affect our perception? How can our perception be modified in order to manage the networking potential adequately? How does the perception of the human inside and outside re-organise itself in this process? What significance does the internet in terms of social networking have for a culture of evolutionary self-organisation and a new structure of information, education and intelligence? How do the mediatisation processes affect the human perception in terms of specialisation and universalisation.
How do the interactions between social actors change the social relations and the individual identity formation as a result of media usage and an increasing dependence from media. How do the technically mediated types of perception interact with the direct sensate types of perception?

Artistic applications provide the opportunity for the public to practice a responsible way of perception in learning about an active participation in „test arrangements“. This helps to develop an appropriate attitude towards human and natural potentials. To this end the following is wanted: dynamic models for the exploration, testing and development of a multi-dimensional perception of body and space. It is essentially all about prototype examinations on the correlation between innovative technology and the cognitive as well as communicative processes of humans, but also between new media and traditional culture. Performative productions and installations of test arrangements should be given precedence in the funding by CYNETART festival.

Performance formats/Test arrangements:

I. The musicalised everyday life of digital culture – Automatic Clubbing („PopCultureArt“)

II. The internet as social site of reorganisation (Social-Art & Political-Art Network/Software) (NetSocialArt)

III. The internet as virtual site of physical interaction and co-production (interactive and networked virtual environments) (BodyNetArt)

IV. Parameters of physical being – perception of the inner world – the body as outer space (HumanScienceArt)

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submission form to send until February 28th, 2010:
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CYNETART Festival 2010: November 11th to 21st, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany

Festspielhaus Hellerau:

Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V. and Hellerau – European Center for the Arts Dresden

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