EMDL Finale

The European Mobile Dome Lab (EMDL) finds its formal end after more than seventeen months of intensive collaborative work, including seven workshops residences in Athens, Vienna, Plymouth, Montreal and Dresden and individual intermediate presentations - for example at CYNETART 2014 - with a public presentation in the Satosphere in Montréal. From the different constellations of EMDL participants three works were created: "Murmuration," "Dream Collider" and "Liminal Spaces". The TMA Hellerau is represented with their associated artists Carla Chan and Matthias Härtig in the project "Liminal Spaces".

»Liminal Spaces«

Nous sommes constitués de couches, membranes, tissus, peaux, et surfaces, non seulement physiques mais d’histoires, de traditions, d’images, de paroles : des strates de sensations et accumulations de signifiants. Comment donner de la cohérence, quelles sont les stratégies de subjectivation de tant de matériaux hétérogènes? Comment faire pour les faire respirer? Comment faire bouger leurs lignes? Comment habiter le seuil intermédiaire entre deux états, sur le fil des conditions, à la limite des régions; le transitoire, l’indéterminé. Abritant des couches de performance, d’images et d’interactivité, de son et de texte, le dôme devient la membrane intermédiaire entre l'intérieur et l'extérieur, explorant les confins des espaces palpables.

We are composed of layers, membranes, materials, skin and surfaces. These are not only physically but also consist of stories, traditions, images, words: layers of feelings and heaps of signifiers. How to create coherence, which are the strategies of subjectivity that can be placed between so many heterogeneous materials? What brings them to breathe? How can you move the lines? How can one live in their intermediate levels, on the thread of the conditions at the boundary of the regions; the transition , the indefinite. The Dome is home to performance, picture, interaction, sound and text layers and thus the membrane between inside and outside and explores the limits of tangible spaces.

»Liminal Spaces« ia an artistic collaborative FullDome project by David Campbell, Carla Chan, Matthias Härtig, Johannes Hucek, Martin Kusch, Marilou Lépine, Armando Menicacci, Marie-Claude Poulin, Audrey Rochette, Ruth Schnell, Alexandre St-Onge, Nikola Tasic, coordinated by Digital Art Department derAngewandten, Vienna / kondition pluriel, Montréal and Trans-Media Akademie Hellerau, Dresden in the frame of the European Mobile Dome Lab (E/M/D/L)

Visual Impressions

»Liminal Spaces« at Satosphere / 21 May 2015: Video and photo by Carla Chan

EMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal SpacesEMDL - Liminal Spaces

alternatively: http://sat.qc.ca/en/albums/emdl


Public Shows

Venue: Société des Arts Technologiques, 1201, Boul. Saint-Laurent Montréal (Qc) H2X 2S6 Canada

26 to 29 May // 4 and 6 June // 10 to 12 June 2015

each starting 20:00 / Duration (complete show): 120 min


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