Kazoosh! workshop - project space during CYNETART 2011

KAZOOSH! is a Dresden based group of students in the field of Computer Science and Media, Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering, who lead regional workshops and project weeks around the topics of interactive installations and microcontrolling.

The dates for the two preparatory workshops are out now, as well as concrete infos:

- preparatory workshop I: Openframeworks: 24. - 25. of september
- preparatory workshop II: Arduino: 8. - 09. of october

- location: TU Informatik Fakultät Rechenzentrum / Atelier (to clearify) Dresden
- attendance figure: max 10 per unit

- first day tutorial, second day free crafting
- preparation for the CYNETART; additional introduction in the KAZOOSH! framework during the Openframeworks workshop
- we are looking for ambitious, motivated people
- no previous knowledge necessary, but a small introduction of yourself during regstration would be cool
- please register here: mail@kazoosh.com

Fun with technology, video tracking / Microcontrolling, free time, noncommercial, platform independent.
Or in short: KAZOOSH! wants to offer a free platform in and around Dresden for everybody who is interested in digital and electronic crafting.

KAZOOSH! workshop (www.kazoosh.com) , Kontakt mail@kazoosh.com

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