Artist-in-Residence-grant of the Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts

The jury of CYNETART also suggests the winner of the grant of the Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts in cooperation with the City of Dresden. The jury makes two further suggestions, in case an alternative is needed. The grant may be awarded to a younger artists who lives in Germany or to a younger German artist who lives abroad. The participants of the CYNETART competition are included in the group of artists from which the jury chooses the winner of the grant.

The grant is designed to allow for the artist to focus fully on his or her work for a certain amount of time. The main interest of the artist should be located in the field of realtime processing. The artist in residence is selected on the basis of his or her method of working and previous projects. The duration of the residency in Dresden is subject to individual arrangement. However, it cannot exceed six months. The artist in residence receives a monthly grant of 1,000 Euros and, if the case may be, additional expenditure. Accommodation can be provided. The possibilities of work are arranged in accordance with Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau.