This artistic project development by the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V. and the collective neue raeume; from Leipzig and Dresden posed the question of how a social technology of belonging (according to Isabelle Stengers) can be developed location-independently in the medium of virtual reality (VR).
VR media technology is an anti-optical device because it fundamentally challenges our self-motion and promotes synaesthetic ability. The idea was therefore for a "choir" (gr. ¤ç╬┐¤ü¤î¤é, khoros = dance) of human and non-human (technical) actors to create an inclusive, multi-sensory soundscape through moving bodies. We hypothesise that, especially through the greater inclusion of bodily self-movement, an immersive "gripping relationship" can be created between us and the VR environment.

VR development: neue raeume; collective (Tom Micklich, Artem Dyadichkin, Vitali Drazdovich, Christop Gro├č, Thomas Keller and Lena Denne)
Sound design: Katharina Gro├č, Oliver Hartmann and Afra Khan
Filming: David Stichling
Editing: Katharina Gro├č

VIRTUAL CHOIR is part of the choros project, initiated by the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V.
Dresden 2022

For infos on Virtual Choir please check (Infos in German language)

VR Talk (2022), 45 min, Audio, in German language