»Die Welt als virtuelles Environment«

published by order of TMA Hellerau by Johannes Birringer, Thomas Dumke and Klaus Nicolai

Buchveröffentlichung 2007Through cybernetic »machines« and networks, the world experiences virtualisation in a way so far unprecedented. This makes the difference between the existing and the possible as well as between reality and simulation, as encountered in our everyday perception, barely detectable. In the miscellany at hand authors from various professions and backgrounds approach the globally expanding cybernetic »spheres of the possible« and illuminate risks as well as opportunities, particularly in communication and action via networked virtual spaces.
The driving question behind it all is how and whether the telematic »revolution« taking place at the moment will lead to a radical cultural change. This book is adressed to artists, engineers, pedagogues, philosophers, politicians and sociologists and, above all, to those who practically deal with new media technology on a day-to-day basis.

Authors: Johannes Birringer, Ghislaine Boddington, Sonia Cillari, Scott deLahunta, Jo Fabian, Mick Grierson, Dave Griffiths, Friedrich Kirschner, Bojana Kunst, Michael Takeo Magruder, Maria Beatriz de Medeiros, Klaus Nicolai, Florian Rötzer, Detlev Schneider, F. Scott Taylor, Yukihiko Yoshida u.a.

language: English and German
pages total: 200
prize: 15,00 Euro
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ISBN: 978-3-9810247-3-9

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