SHIFT - Sound of CYNETART 2011

upcoming CD release along with the festival catalogue 2011

Sound and music play an important role in media arts and at CYNETART festival events in particular. Many media art presentations and installations 'live' from sound and its amplification as an important element. Dance and feedbacks as tones enliven situations. Rituals and atmospheres are framed and enabled by frequencies. Being a partner in the international festival network ECAS and having many years experience with the microscope session series, CYNETART festival also has a stronger direction to audiovisual soirées. In 2011, the participating festival artists get another platform for their music, a twelve track CD release as part of the catalogue. The media itself seems to be old-fashioned, but as an artefact with physical borders and borders in play lenght it seems to be kind of resistance against an ever ongoing shift, change, which only seem to differ in tempo or quality, seeming to drift up and down.

teaser preview of seven out of twelve tracks

Experimental, movielike and/or full of bass – so do we go through the days and so can the sound of the CD stated with these attributes too. One with music compilations experienced head of a Dresden based music label made the selection and combination of tracks out of hundred and hopes to have found a pleasurable listening possibility. One hour of sound with partially unreleased tracks by musicians Ulf Langheinrich, Andrey Kiritchenko, SKYENCE, v4w.enko, but also local Dresden based heroes and newcomers like Noize Creator, Winterberg, Escape Now! and steve.e! are to be avaivailable along with the printed festival catalogue. And of course - you can see and meet the musicians and their works live during the CYNETART festival 2011.

1 Ulf Langheinrich - ohne Titel
2 Headnoaks - Transzellulärer Kalium-Shift
3 Noize Creator - fear cycle (avd version)
4 Andrey Kiritchenko - Vortex Singular
5 Skyence - INSCT
6 Echology - Green Carpet
7 V4W.ENKO - Opus28
8 Jacob Korn - Cybernetic Steersman
9 Escape Now! - Mt. Wolfen
10 prmn & Trans Alp - Psychic Death Pop
11 Steve E! - Black Circles
12 Winterberg - Im Schatten von etwas

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