Sonia Cillari

Sonia Cillari | media artist & architect– media artist and architect, Amsterdam

Italian media artist and architect, lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work involves the creation of sensorial and perceptual mechanisms in immersive and augmented environments. Her artistic investigation examines how patterns of consciousness, perception and identity emerge in such settings. Over the last years she has been specifically interested in a field of research concerning the ‘Body as Interface’.
She was artist in residence at V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2004), Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2004-2005), STEIM: Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (Amsterdam 2006), Netherlands Media Art Institute Montevideo/Time Based Arts (Amsterdam 2006) and [ars]numerica (Montbeliard, France 2009).
Her interactive installations, that are at the intersection of architecture and performance art, have been exhibited and presented internationally. She received the 'Honorable Mentions' at VIDA 9.0: Art & Artificial Life International Competition (Madrid, Spain 2006) and Prix Ars Electronica, Interactive Art (Linz, Austria 2007), and the ‘Excellence Prize’ at Japan Media Arts Festival (National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan 2008).
In 2007-2008, she has been teaching advisor at Frank Mohr Institute, 'IME Interactive Media Environment Department' (Groningen, the Netherlands), and since 2009 she is associated with [of] Laboratory for Immersive Art/Optofonica (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
She has been a member of the jury for Prix Ars Electronica, Interactive Art 2008 and Prix Ars Electronica, Hybrid Art 2009 (Linz, Austria).

Werner Jauk

Werner Jauk | musicologist/psychologist, scientific media-artist::  KF-Universität Graz– musicologist/psychologist, scientific media-artist KF-Universität Graz

Professor at the KF-University in Graz/Austria working on „pop / music + media / art“ with the focus on music as a role model for the (theory of) media arts.
Studies in perception, cybernetics and experimental aesthetics led him try to bridge a gap between science and arts: both follow epistemological interests working on adaptation of bodily life in dynamized and coded non-mechanistic realities and on interfaces to these virtual and mixed realities based on auditory logic and hedonistic behavior formalized in pop/music.

He took part in various international congresses of science and the arts; as a scientific artist he made interactive compositions, installations in the public space and net-art-projects on international festivals of electronic-/computer-/media – arts exploring the auditory logic as an interface to virtual and mixed realities.

Marlon Barrios Solano

Marlon Solano Barrios | social media expert ::– Social Media Experte |, New York

Marlon Barrios Solano is a New York City based, social media specialist/consultant, on-line producer and lecturer/researcher focused on the intersection of new media and performance and on the use of on-line platforms for collaborative creativity and social innovation. He is the creator/producer of (a social networking site), dance-techTV (a collaborative network of internet video channels) and of DANCE TECH Interviews (an on-line program that explores the intersection of dance and digital technology). Currently he an is artist/researcher in residency at Cie Gilles Jobin (Switzerland) and social media specialist for dance New Amsterdam (NYC). He holds an MFA in Dance and Technology (independent track on real-time technology, performance of improvisation and cognition) from The Ohio State University (USA).

Klaus Nicolai

Klaus Nicolai | cultural scientist :: TMA Hellerau– cultural scientist | TMA Hellerau

Klaus Nicolai has his background in Cultural Studies, 1985 conferral of a doctorate; until 1987 lecturer at the University of Leipzig and until 1992 lecturer at the Dresden Academy of Arts; from 1995 until 2005 Media Commissioner of the City of Dresden; from 1997 to 2005 director of the international festival for computer-based art CYNETart; since 2001 spokesman of the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau, since 2007 director of the Dresden Innovation Fund of Art and Media technology (DIF) and DIF-lab; author and lecturer at the Dresden International University. Father of three daughters.

Thomas Dumke

Thomas Dumke | project manager CYNETART :: TMA Hellerau– project management CYNETART | TMA Hellerau

Thomas Dumke studied history, sociology & communication sciences at TU Dresden, postgraduate in culture & management. Since 1999 Thomas Dumke is part of the CYNETart festival in Dresden, in 2000 he initiated together with the »microscope session«, founding member of TMA Hellerau, from 2006 he has been the director of the CYNETART festival. Father of one daughter.