A.P.P.I.A. lab

A.P.P.I.A (audio::::presence::::performance::::immersive:::art_lab)

experimentelle performative Installation – TMA Projekt

The Great Hall of the Festspielhaus Hellerau near Dresden forms the physical environment for different arrangements, dimensions and qualities of virtual sound environments, in conjunction with supportive forms of interactive visualization and lighting technology, all in the sense of Appia's ambition of a "physical space, that becomes is a vivid place when a body gives life to a room." The virtual rooms are also sound architectures that relate in new ways both to the designed modules of Appia and the musical rhythm, but at the same time critically take out this visionary. In different constellations differentiated body-and-sound experiences shall be made ​​possible in well differentiated visual environments, in the sense of an open and experimental performance space. The experiments for visitors as well as workshops, demonstrations and performances in various qualities developed virtual sound architectures are based on the sophisticated interplay of eight-camera motion-sensing systems.

full credits:
idea/conception A.P.P.A. Lab: Klaus Nicolai; audio visual processing: Matthias Härtig;
software: EyeCon/Kalypso (Frieder WeiĂź), Max/MSP, Ableton; sound system: Naturschallwandler Mundus GmbH

wed. 16.11. | thu 17.11. | fr 18.11. | Sa 19.11. & So 20.11.

wednesday 16.11.

16.00 o'clock (Empore SĂĽd)
CYNETart_re:::vision: Body-Visions in Visualisation
»Raum und Bildraum«, lecture by Michael Hoepfel & round table

19.00 o'clock (Nancy Spero Saal)
Opening / Exhibition / CYNETart_re:::vision

20.00 o'clock (groĂźer Festspielsaal)
Slump Dance
Performance in the A.P.P.I.A. lab

thursday 17.11.

19.00 o'clock (Empore SĂĽd)
TMA WILL: »Echtleben«
reading with Katja Kullmann

21.00 o'clock (groĂźer Festspielsaal)
Artists meet A.P.P.I.A. lab
demonstrationes & performances

friday 18.11.

19.00 o'clock (Empore SĂĽd)
CYNETart_re:::vision: SYMPOSIUM
Modellierung des Körpers – Body-Innovations
lecture by Dr. Klaus Nicolai & round table

21.00 o'clock (groĂźer Festspielsaal)
Artists meet A.P.P.I.A. lab
demonstrations & performances

BODYSCAPES_corpoPhonolux ::: translating light and movement into sound
Performance / Installation
Idea/Choreography/Performance: Veronika Mayerböck
Sound/Composition: Noid
IT/Multimedia: Simon Laburda

Veronika Mayerböck will demonstrate examples of her work in progress »BODYSCAPES_corpoPhonolux«.

saturday 19.11.

CYNETart_re:::vision: SYMPOSIUM
body perception in education, therapy & virtual environments

15.00 (Empore SĂĽd)

17.00 bis 21.00 (Empore SĂĽd)
Panel I – III

21.00 o'clock (groĂźer Festspielsaal)
Slump Dance
dance performance in the A.P.P.I.A. lab

sunday 20.11.

CYNETart_re:::vision: SYMPOSIUM
body perception in education, therapy & virtual environments

11.00 – 16.00 o'clock (Empore Süd)
Panel IV

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