»Tele-Plateaus_01 and _02«

»Tele-Plateaus_01 and _02«

Fri 16th November | 9:00 pm
Sat 17th November | 2 - 12 pm
Sun 18th November | 2 - 10 pm

Admission: 10/5 Euros

Concept: Klaus Nicolai
Project Management: Matthias HĂ€rtig
Programming: Frieder Weiß, Daniel MĂŒhne, Jacob Korn

Tele-Plateau in Dresden-Hellerau
Field Recording: Hendrik Walcher
Performer: Valentina Cabro

Tele-Plateau in the State Ballet Theatre of L. Jakobson St. Petersburg
Realisation: Jury Didevich, Dmitry Letakhovsky, Dmitry Dubov (Computer and New Music Research Group), »Cannon Dance« Group

With friendly support by the German-Russian Exchange e.V. , German Consulate General St. Petersburg as well as the National Centre of Contemporary Art St. Petersburg.

Tele-Plateau in Norrköping
Realisation: Christian Bjorklund, Emelie Bardon, Niall McCaffrey

With friendly support by BitNet Productions.


The web-based installation performance »Tele-Plateaus_01« will take place from 16th until 18th November 2007 at three European locations simultaneously. The respective locations will be open for the public to walk in. They provide the visitor with an opportunity to interact simultaneously through web-linked sound and image processes.
The first arrangement »Tele-Plateau_01« which is tentative in nature will for the first time transform the festival theatre Hellerau into a laboratory for the testing of European web-linked action spaces. The simultaneous presence of performing processes at all participating locations will make the festival hall a gateway towards a “world stage”.

A project of Dresden Innovation Funds for Art and Media Technology (DIF).

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