Zerkalo is an electronic music project coproduced by Victoria Lukas (Weltgeist, The O_P, Inkamera) and Heinrich Mueller (Arpanet, Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Japanese Telecom).

The first album, Stoi Storoni Zerkala, released in May 2009 at the label Clone Records (Clone Aqualung Series, Frustrated Funk).
Zerkalo began as a musical collaboration between the composers Victoria Lukas and Heinrich Mueller. Their meetings have turned into an ongoing musical experiment built around a synthesis of the scientific precision of Heinrich Mueller’s work and Victoria Lukas’ lyricism. Through the coupling of electronic music and video art, Zerkalo became a vessel for the reconstruction and sublimation of memories, reflections and visions in an audiovisual dream world.


musician artists @ CYNETART 2010:

Annie Hall | Francisco López | Jacob Korn und Intolight | Kali Avaaz | Ony Ayhun | Traxx | Uncanny Valley | Veronica Vasicka | Zerkalo

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