Oni Ayhun

Oni Ayhun’s music is (about) drama. OA makes records that combines disturbed dance music on the border to insanity with free dreamy drone stories without a beat. Like a surrealistic musical with a narrative based on associations, abstractions and confusion, the music is a journey through multiple settings and scenes.

Visuals by MFO.

Oni Ayhun on saturday, 13th november 2010 at the Automatic Clubbing Night II
10 pm in the Uncanny Valley Showcase, presented by Jacob Korn and intolight.


musician artists @ CYNETART 2010:

Annie Hall | Francisco López | Jacob Korn und Intolight | Kali Avaaz | Ony Ayhun | Traxx | Uncanny Valley | Veronica Vasicka | Zerkalo

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