launch of the virtual parliament

11th of August 2009, 7pm | Schwarzburg, hotel Weißer Hirsch

Presentation on and launch of the platform in support of a political culture of the 21st century

The election campaign of Barack Obama has shown how new forms of web-based political participation can mobilise and link people. The pilot scheme of the internet platform virtual parliament regards itself as a party-independent political knowledge generator and decision generator to set up a political culture of the 21st century.
On the occasion of the launch of the platform relations to the topical political practice as well as to perspectives of a net-based political participation and decision-making are brought up for discussion to the event. As “a guidance system” the platform serves the discussion as regards content and investigation of scope in a process of¬† decision-making and poll. The personally motivated social exchange of knowledge, abilities and experiences is in the main focus. The possibility is provided by this qualified participation in dimensions as regards content and technical dimensions to influence and change the real politics.

For further information on the platform “virtual parliament” as well as on single subjects of the event program is provided in the press area :

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