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Lighting  Design  meets  Choreography  and  Composition

:::  translating  light  and  movement  into  sound
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‚ÄúBodyscapes_corpoPhonolux‚ÄĚ ¬†is ¬†a ¬†multidimensional ¬†interactive ¬†installation ¬†connecting ¬†synaesthetically ¬†the ¬†visual ¬†and ¬†spatial ¬†sense ¬†with ¬†hearing. ¬†The ¬†basic ¬†idea ¬†of ¬†this ¬†project ¬†is ¬†the ¬†translation ¬†of ¬†light into ¬†sound ¬†‚Äď ¬†to ¬†transform ¬†what ¬†we ¬†see ¬†simutaneously ¬†in ¬†an ¬†acoustic ¬†soundscape. ¬†The ¬†performer ¬†becomes ¬†‚Äúsensor‚ÄĚ ¬†and ¬†interactive ¬†element ¬†at ¬†the ¬†same ¬†time. ¬†Along ¬†the ¬†dancer‚Äės ¬†body ¬†are ¬†8 ¬†lightsensors ¬†installed, ¬† ¬†measuring ¬†steadily ¬†the ¬†various ¬†intensities ¬†and ¬†colours ¬†of ¬†light ¬†on ¬†selected ¬†points ¬†along ¬†the ¬†body ¬†surface ¬†(joints, ¬†head, ¬†etc...) The ¬†dancer ¬† ¬†is ¬†passing ¬†through ¬†different ¬†light ¬†situations. ¬†Sensors ¬†are influenced by way and quality of movement in space, plasticity of ¬†the ¬†body ¬†and ¬†different ¬†lighting ¬†and ¬†projection ¬†ambiances ¬†by ¬†the ¬†surrounding ¬†structure. ¬†The ¬†symbiosis ¬†of ¬† ¬†movement ¬†and ¬† ¬†different ¬†lighting situations are the two equal "masters" of the composition. As ¬†if ¬†someone ¬†is ¬†playing ¬†the ¬†piano, ¬†the ¬†dancer ¬†is ¬†playing ¬†the ¬†‚Äúspace‚ÄĚ ¬†with ¬†his ¬†body ¬†like ¬†an ¬†instrument ¬†-¬≠ ¬†like ¬†an ¬†orgue ¬†of ¬†movement, ¬†with ¬†each ¬†sensor ¬†equally ¬†tuned. ¬†Finally ¬†the ¬†performance ¬†on ¬†stage ¬†becomes ¬†a ¬†3dimensional ¬† ¬†improvisation ¬†between ¬†the ¬†lighting ¬†design ¬†and ¬†the ¬†dancer. ¬†Each ¬†gesture ¬†can ¬†be ¬†heard. ¬†One ¬†major ¬†factor ¬†is ¬†the ¬†spatial ¬†distribution ¬†of ¬†loudspeakers ¬†in ¬†a ¬†360¬į ¬†area ¬†around ¬†the ¬†spectator. ¬†Each ¬†sensor ¬†is ¬†directly ¬†connected ¬†to ¬†one ¬†loudspeaker, ¬†so ¬†the ¬†acoustic ¬†output ¬†of ¬†each ¬†single ¬†sensor ¬†can ¬†be ¬†directly ¬†assigned ¬†within space ¬†for ¬†the ¬†spectator. ¬†Therefore ¬†the ¬†soundscape ¬†becomes ¬†a ¬†direct ¬†acoustic ¬†illustration ¬†of ¬†the ¬†body‚Äôs ¬†surface ¬†in ¬†space. ¬†

Idea/Choreography/Performance:  Veronika  Mayerböck
Sound/Composition:Noid;;  IT/Multimedia:Simon  Laburda
Photocredits:  Konstanze  Mayerböck,  Monika  Perner

Art  on  Wires-­Festival  in  Oslo(NO)/May2010;;
Posthof   Linz-­Heimspiel   /Feb2011;;   Schmiede-­   Hallein     2011;;  
Transmediale  Hellerau  -­    Cynetart  -­  Festival  Dresden(D)  /Nov2011



MSc  Veronika  Mayerböck  (A)
*2.8.1981  in  Cologne  /  Germany
Veronika  Mayerböck  is  working  as  freelance  performer/

dancer&choreographer,  lighting  designer  and  artist.  Fascinated  of  the  symbiosis  between  architecture  and  dance  she  followed  the  formation  in  contemporary  dance  already  in  parallel  to  her studies  of  Architecture  (TU-­Graz)  a.o.  with  Mona  May  (A)  ,  Frey  Faust  (US)  and  many  other  teachers.  Later  continuous  further  training  in  the  various  fields of dance, improvisation, choreography and composition  in    Austria,  France,  Hungary,  Brazil  and  Argentina.  Since  2008  living  in  Vienna.  After  2  years  of  working  activity  as  professional  lighting  designer  for  several offices and companies, she decides to work freelance as performing artist with the end of 2009.

Guiding workshops with students in the field of space/bodyperception   and   lighting   design.   Installation-­     and  performanceworks  with  impact  on  light-­  and  spaceperception  in  Belgium,  Norway, France  and  Austria.  Further  collaboration   with   performing   artists   like   Anne   Juren,  Frans  Poelstra  &  Robert  Stein,  Milli  Bitterli,  Bert  Gstettner,  Sebastian  Prantl,  Akemi  Takeya,  Moe Yamamoto  /  Butoh  Cie  Kanazawa  Butoh  Kann  (Jp).  
Awarded ¬† in ¬† the ¬† scope ¬† of ¬† ‚ÄěLabormarathon-¬≠Tanztage ¬†2009" at Linzer Posthof for her first Soloperformance "A_SLEEP.would ¬†you ¬†listen?‚Äú. ¬†

In May 2010 stipendium from Electronic Arts Festival ‚ÄěArts on Wires‚Äú (¬≠on-¬≠ in Oslo/Norway for her interactive Performance-¬≠project ¬ĽBODYSCAPES_corpophonolux¬ę; In June 2010 START Stipendium by the Austrian Ministry of Arts and Culture (BMUKK). In the scope of Heimspiel at Linzer POSTHOF she presented her current performance works within an own evening in February 2011 and the piece BOA SORTE together with Nanina Kotlowski(A) at Kulturhuset Stockholm in August 2011. A new dance piece "one rotten day in paradise" together with Gisela Elisa Heredia (Arg/A) is currently in elaboration.

*1970,  living  in  vienna                                                                  
composer  .  performer  .  improviser  |  auricular  .  cello  .  electronic  devices

his  musical  approach  can  be  described  as  fundamental  research.  his  works  span  a  wide  range  of  contradictory  outcome,  from  solos  to  compositions  for  ensembles,  from  sound  installations to  videos.  using  electronics  as  well  as  acoustical  instruments.  consequently  denying  the  borderline  between  music  and  sound-­art.  this  lead  him  to collaborations with artists of different fields - choreographers, like joao fiadeiro, colette sadler, akemi takeya, philipp  gehmacher,  etc...  -­  visual  artists  as  for  instance  andré  goncalves.
beside ¬†his ¬†long ¬†term ¬†improvisation ¬†ensembles: ¬†b:f:n ¬†[w/ ¬†cordula ¬†boesze ¬†and ¬†wolfgang ¬†fuchs] ¬†and ¬†ease ¬†[w/ ¬†klaus ¬†filip] he performed among others with: kazuhisa uchihashi, ¬†susanna ¬†gartmayer, taku ¬†unami, ¬†okkyung ¬†lee, ¬†o.blaat, ¬†marco eneidi, axel doerner, christian weber, erikM, dieb13, ¬†burkhard ¬†stangl, ¬†yan ¬†jun, ¬†franz ¬†hautzinger, ¬†taku ¬†han-¬≠noda, ¬†carl ¬†stone, ¬†mattin, ¬†billy ¬†roisz, ¬†hankil ¬†ryu, etc;; ¬†in ¬†his ¬†understanding ¬†composition ¬†and ¬†improvisation ¬†cannot ¬†be ¬†seen ¬†as ¬†separated: ¬†improvisation ¬†is ¬†the ¬†base ¬†of ¬†composition, ¬†and ¬†composition ¬†is ¬†the ¬†base ¬†for ¬†improvisation. ¬†‚Äěhow ¬†can ¬†we compose ¬†without ¬†destroying ¬†more ¬†than ¬†we ¬†are ¬†able ¬†to ¬†evoke?
how ¬†can ¬†we ¬†improvise ¬†without ¬†just ¬†repeating ¬†the ¬†same ¬†patterns ¬†(while ¬†feeling ¬†‚Äöso ¬†free‚Äė)?‚Äú

Freelance ¬†programmer ¬†and ¬†electronics ¬†designer, ¬†currently ¬†living ¬†in ¬†Vienna ¬†where ¬†he ¬†is ¬†member ¬†of ¬†the ¬†multimedia ¬†collective ¬†DKIA ¬†( ¬†and ¬†further ¬†employed ¬†as ¬†network ¬†administrator ¬†at ¬†a ¬†small ¬†company. ¬†During ¬†the ¬†last ¬†years ¬†he ¬†was ¬†in ¬†charge ¬†of ¬†hard-¬≠ ¬†and ¬†softwaredevelopment ¬†in ¬†a ¬†number ¬†of ¬†new ¬†media ¬†art ¬†projects ¬†such ¬†as ¬†LEDsMob (an interactive flexible LED-screen installation), the "Lightheadproject" (radio controlled helmets flashing ¬†to ¬†the ¬†beat ¬†of ¬†the ¬†music) ¬†and ¬†the ¬†‚ÄěH√∂rverbindung ¬†zur ¬†Quelle" - a solar powered modified phone booth allowing users ¬†to ¬†listen ¬†to ¬†the ¬†gurgling ¬†noise ¬†of ¬†the ¬†fountains ¬†from ¬†Vienna‚Äės ¬†water ¬†supply ¬†. ¬†In 2010 and 2011 he led an electronics workshop at the ‚Äěart.on.wires festival‚ÄĚ in Oslo/Norway.

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