»SLUMP DANCE« – Körper im Raum der Bewegungskulturen

A performance installation
Premier performance »SLUMP DANCE«: WED 16.11.2011 // 20:00
Great Hall / Festspielhaus Hellerau
immediate following the opening (19:00) of the International Festival for computer based art CYNETART

The TMA production »SLUMP DANCE" expands the former revolutionary concept of Adolphe Appia, who was active at the Festspielhaus a hundred years ago, using modern technologies.

The performance installation developed as part of the test series A.P.P.I.A. LAB sees itself as a fragile journey through different human body movement cultures in the context of the history and present of the Hellerau festival area (Festspielhaus Hellerau). One can understand the project as a study on the perception of the physical body, in direct relation to dimensions of aural and visual space.

"Slump" can be understood among others as a "downturn" or "sharp fall".

At the beginning is turning: the children, the dervishes in folk dances ... This is followed by the encounter of people and machines, cool functionality meets emotion. In the third act the awakening of the body, to become alive and speaking of the bodies. At the end a memory to ballet, dance on points and the (im)possibility of a happy ending.

For the first time in the Festspielhaus speakers with natural sound propagation (natural sound transducers (Naturschallwandler)) are used for the sound reproduction.

Tip: The second performance will take place on Saturday, 19th of November 21:00 o'clock.


Idea, conception, production direction: Klaus Nicolai;
interactive systems: Frieder Weiss;
visuals and sound/light environment: DS-X.org
choreographic realization and coordination: Valentina Cabro;

dancer: Anna Till, Cindy Hammer, Irene Schröder, Johanna Roggan, Ka Dietze, Katja Erfurth, Liron Noah Dinovitz, Teresa Hackel;
costumes: Sarah Raphaela Hoemske

A production of the Trans-­Media-­Labororatory in cooperation with the TanzNetzDresden.

Used sounds & music:
Musik am Nil / Opera Proibita (Cecilia Bartoli und Les Musiciens du Louvre – Grenoble unter Leitung von Marc Minkowski) / Fragment aus „Ich bin dem Himmel nah“ (Amigos) / Produktion & Schnitt Geräuschmaterial: Klaus Nicolai, recording: Jo Siamon Salich
sound/light environment built with MAX/MSP, Max4Live and Ableton Live
granulation plugin is based on Granulator v1 by Robert Henke


photos shot by Marco Prill, Endre Ketzel, David Pinzer, Robert Arnold

CYNETART 2011 - Slump Dance - A minute before the premier at the Great Hall at Festspielhaus HellerauCYNETART 2011 - Slump Dance - during the premierCYNETART 2011 - Slump Dance - during the premierCYNETART 2011 - Slump Dance - Plateaus with Naturschallwandlern during the dayApplauding after the premier of CYNETART 2011Plateaus with 'Naturschallwandlern'FlyerA guest experiences the interactive environment at the A.P.P.I.A. Lab - during CYNETART 2011

CYNETART 2011 - Slump Dance during the premier.CYNETART 2011 - Slump Dance during the premier.CYNETART 2011 - Slump Dance - during the premier.Anna Till during the premier of Slump Dance.Wallpaper CYNETART 2011Festspielhaus Hellerau - View outside during CYNETART 2011CYNETART Poster 2011FlyerGuests in the A.P.P.I.A. Lab.Guests in the A.P.P.I.A. Lab.Guests in the A.P.P.I.A. Lab.During the Premier of Slump Dance.Anna Till during the premier of Slump Dance.Guests visit the A.P.P.I.A. Lab.

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