Annie Hall

Annie Hall from Madrid is one of the most promising talents of the Spanish electronic music scene. In her DJ-sets Annie blends idm, electro, acid and techno in a unique way – always keeping the focus on the dancefloor. As a producer, she released her melodic futuristic electro on different labels, like Minuendo (Spain), Semantica Records (a compilation alongside Jimmy Edgar and Ed Chamberlain as well as a solo effort), and D1 Recordings (Dublin). Annie Hall also belongs to the roster of DJ Stingray 313’s Micron-Audio-Detroit imprint. His elaborate production techniques transform her songs into authentic mental trips filled with emotion and expressivity that work both on the dancefloor and in the home environment. She has played at a lot of clubs and festivals around Europe, and she continues this tour. In addition she is working on another project Daughter Produkt – a collaborative project centered around electronics in its purer and more experimental form. For this, Hall united with two artists: Heinrich Mueller and Saioa Nebula.

musician artists @ CYNETART 2010:

Annie Hall | Francisco LĂłpez | Jacob Korn und Intolight | Kali Avaaz | Ony Ayhun | Traxx | Uncanny Valley | Veronica Vasicka | Zerkalo

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