Videopodcasts #5 & #6

Netzkino.TV CYNETART 2010 podcast #5 in english language. Igor Sovilj ↲ says smth. about his online gallery »Art Zeppelin« ↲, visits the installation »LAG« ↲ and the movie »Drift« ↲ by Ulf Langheinrich ↲ and the audiovisual performance »Particle« ↲ by the London based DJ- and VJ-Kollektiv D-Fuse ↲.

The final day at the CYNETART Festival 2010. Video in german language. The festival Coordinator Thomas Dumke ↲ visits the installation [oszo 34]TM ↲ and the audio performance by Francisco López ↲ and looks back and forward to the happened and coming festival days.

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