MoshPit Amp

Metal Head Orgasmotron (2009)
by //////////fur//// ↲

MoshPit Amp

The MoshPit Amp is an automata that converts headbanging movements into metal music. Through style and intensity of your head banging, you are the conductor of a virtual metal band consisting of four instruments: vocals, bass, drums and guitar. you can control the volume as well as the pattern of each instrument to create engaging musical arrangements. If you mosh really hard you can trigger a guitar solo for the ultimate rock experience. Your performance in front of the amp will additionally be supportet by a lightshow with smoke, flash and pyrotechnics.

You simply approach the MoshPit to activate the amp. The music will instantly begin and lights will create a stagelike setting. If you are a true metalhead you can’t resist and will start headbanging – and the music will instantly turn up. As you mosh on, you can change the individual volume levels of the four instruments through your headbanging style and intensity. You can see how far you have pushed the level of each instrument on the four MoshMeters. Mosh the volume of one or more channels to the max, and you can trigger new musical patterns like another guitar riff, diabolic vocals or a different drum track. If you mosh really hard you can unlock a guitar solo supported by light effects, smoke and pyrotechnics. On top of that, if your headbanging performance is truely excellent, the mosh master will mosh with you in sync to the musical eruption, encouraging you to take your headbanging not only to a new level, but to a whole new world!

The MoshPit Amp is a compact device the size of a guitar top. In the center sits the MoshSensor – it detects people and reacts to headbanging, airguitar and other ecstatic movement. The MoshMeters in the top row are displaying the mosh intensity that the sensor is detecting. There are four MoshMeters, one for each of the four instruments, and if you look really close at them you can see that this amp goes to eleven. Most amps just go to 10, this means that this amp is one louder!

The lower part shows the illuminated innards of the amp: There are four amplifier tubes for the vintage feel, and in their center lurks the dark soul of the device: the MoshMaster. This horned diabolic creature – the devil father of metal – will bang his head in different speeds and movements fitting the individual musical patterns of your arrangement.
The back side features a set of connectors for power, sound system, standard light equipment and pyrotechnics. This equipment will be arranged around the MoshPit Amp to create an altar like setup for the true metalhead.

If you ever dreamed of being a rock star without having to learn an instrument – you will find this awesome. Moshing in front of the MoshPit Amp will pull you straight into the epicenter of a metal concert. A wall of sound under your command, a vulcanic, orgasmic eruption, a vent for your aggressions, ecstacy, armageddon – it’s all in this inconspicious little box.

Welcome to a new metal-lennium!

exhibition @ CYNETART 2010:

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