Post Me_New ID : presentation at the Kinetica Art Fair London

Friday 27th February 2009 | 8pm onwards
Saturday 28th February 2009 | 8pm onwards

“DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME?” is a performance presentation for the Kinetica Art Fair

In a topical world of blurred personal and public space and simultaneous local/global habitats lies the intricate place of virtual/physical orientation.

The performers mimic chosen identities – morphing between avatar, cyborg, humanoid, robot, using the electronic, the bionic, the digitronic.

Hyper-existence is all around them. In the interconnected, multi- nodal space of real and virtual, they need to be sharply connected and speedily responsive to “the others” – tele-intuition is learnt on the move.

In “DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME?” virtual / physical boundaries are speedily dissolved so we can see, with humour and irony, the potential errors, glitches, thrills and magic moments that transpire.

Tickets and detailed information available at website:

“DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME?” has been created as part of Post Me_New ID, a co-production between body>data>space (London, UK), CIANT (Prague, Czech Republic), TMA Hellerau (Dresden, Germany) and Kibla (Maribor, Slovenia) supported by the European Union within the Culture 2007 Programme. The presentation emerges from an interauthored group process involving 11 European artists specialising in performance, video, sound, virtual worlds and interaction.

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