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López Immersive Sound

Francisco López’s ↲ concerts are immersive sonic experiences in the dark, with multi-channel surround systems and blindfolds provided for the public. Created from a myriad of original sound environments (both natural and artificial) collected from all over the world, they however do not present mere “soundscapes” but much rather virtual worlds of sound in which […]


audiovisual instrument (Dresden, 2010) by Jacob Korn und intolight ↲ UNCANNY HEROES is an interactive room application, which masterly connects club visitors, dance music and surrounding 3D graphics. It is a highly participative mix between a music live act and gaming environment. With body movements, visitors play on the installation like on a harmonic and […]


movie by Ulf Langheinrich ↲ DRIFT’s intent is to translate abstract forms of image and sound in both art and music into the cinematic space. The very superior image quality of the high definition digital formats and the technical set up of modern cinemas can be utilised as an extended space for art production. Granular […]


AV Performance by D-Fuse ↲ Cities exist on several different levels. Places that we know and live in have been superseded by spaces of flows, webs of connections for communication, exchange and control that have come to transcend the limitations of actual physical space. Traditional ideas of territory [spatial as well as ideological] have almost […]


Installation by DoppeldenkTM ↲ exhibition @ CYNETART 2010: ’ ! ’ ↲ | Transducers ↲ | Post Mortem ↲ | MoshPit Amp ↲ | [oszo 34]TM ↲ | WOPPOW ↲ | LAG ↲ | Default to Public ↲ | Mirror ↲ | ArtZeppelin ↲ | Radical ATM Service ↲ | Frühstück ↲

Radical ATM Service

Installation by Iván Kozenitzky und Frederico Lazcano ↲ Regular ATMs are designed for the withdrawal of money. In contrast, Radical ATM is technically prepared to hijack users’ cards while it invites them to interact with it about alternative contents. InfoGrafic ***WARNING*** DO NOT ENTER YOUR PIN. This ATM belongs to Radical ATM Service. Your debit […]


Virtual Exhibition by Igor Sovilj ↲ The Imaginary Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a project that started in 2007. It explores the imaginary aspect and the nature of political, juridical and social existence of the Bosnian state; deeply divided into two separate entities (Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina). As […]


networked, interactive installation cooperation by Matthias Härtig, Johanna Roggan, Frieder Weiss and Michael Lotz ↲ download hiQ ↲ (Creative Commons 3.0, by attribute, non-commercial use, Photo by Robert Arnold) concept: johanna roggan & software: Kalypso [by Frieder Weiss], Ableton Live programming, development: special thanks to Frieder Weiss for assistance and support in kalypso […]

Default to Public : Audience

Tweetscreen by Jens Wunderling ↲ exhibition @ CYNETART 2010: ’ ! ’ ↲ | Transducers ↲ | Post Mortem ↲ | MoshPit Amp ↲ | [oszo 34]TM ↲ | WOPPOW ↲ | LAG ↲ | Default to Public ↲ | Mirror ↲ | ArtZeppelin ↲ | Radical ATM Service ↲ | Frühstück ↲


Installation by Ulf Langheinrich ↲ image sound composition: Ulf Langheinrich playback software version 2: Dirk Langheinrich laser-sync: Frieder Weiß LAG is a production of Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau in co-operation with Hellerau – European Centre of the Arts and EPIDEMIC. exhibition @ CYNETART 2010: ’ ! ’ ↲ | Transducers ↲ | Post Mortem ↲ | MoshPit […]


WOPPOW.NET UBERMORGEN.COM, 2009-10 WOPPOW is based on our research on the tribal and fashion aspects of Somali Pirates and Digital Pirate Crews. Initial Position: With more than 90 pirate attacks within 12 months – like the capture of Sirius Star (2008-2009), hundreds of miles out in the Indian Ocean – there are few secrets left. […]

[oszo 34]TM

Installation by Ritchie Riediger ↲ exhibition @ CYNETART 2010: ’ ! ’ ↲ | Transducers ↲ | Post Mortem ↲ | MoshPit Amp ↲ | [oszo 34]TM ↲ | WOPPOW ↲ | LAG ↲ | Default to Public ↲ | Mirror ↲ | ArtZeppelin ↲ | Radical ATM Service ↲ | Frühstück ↲

MoshPit Amp

Metal Head Orgasmotron (2009) by //////////fur//// ↲ The MoshPit Amp is an automata that converts headbanging movements into metal music. Through style and intensity of your head banging, you are the conductor of a virtual metal band consisting of four instruments: vocals, bass, drums and guitar. you can control the volume as well as the […]

Sensitive to Pleasure

Performative electric field sensing and sound environment by Sonia Cillari ↲ (performance duration: c. 2 hours) Co-produced by STEIM and Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam and Claudio Buziol Foundation in Venice. Supported by Fonds BKVB and Optofonica Laboratory for Immersive ArtScience in Amsterdam. Sensitive to Pleasure is a work about conflict, an intimate piece […]

Post Mortem

Installation by Jannis Kreft ↲ CYNETART award Dresdner Stiftung Kunst & Kultur der Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden 2010 ↲ The multi user media installation Post Mortem is about the interactive exploration of the 336 hours after death. As soon as a user places his arm on the installati- on he is virtually dead and watches his […]


modular system by Verena Friedrich ↲ Winner of The CYNETART sponsorship award of the Saxon Ministry of Fine Arts 2010 ↲ photo1: © Max Schroeder TRANSDUCERS is an installation composed of several laboratory glass devices, each of which contains a unique element: A single human hair. In the course of preparation, hair samples were collected […]

’ ! ’

sound sculpture by Anke Eckardt ↲ CYNETART award 2010 : Artist-in-Residence-grant of the Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts ↲ SOUND SCULPTURE / MULTIMEDIA INSTALLATION Steel and plexiglas tank. Coloured fluid. Loudspeaker. Pneumatic technology. Light. MAX/MSP-programming. What compromises are we making when we try to settle on a particular interpretation of the world […]


Klangskulptur by Cod.Act ↲ A show-object, a fascinating sound sculpture! CYNETART award T-Systems Multimedia Solutions 2010 ↲ To start off, a desire to approach mechanisms that produce visible undulatory movements and to set them against the development of sound waves. A pendulum. And what if this pendulum was made up of horizontally articulated segments, if […]