microscope session :: are friends electric


at TonLagen, Dresdner Festival der zeitgenössischen Musik

when and where
october 9th 2009, 10pm
Festspielhaus Hellerau - Dresden
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 56 - 01109 Dresden

Dopplereffekt live (Dataphysix, Rephlex, Clone, Gigolo)
dj-set by credit00 (idealfun/robodance)
DS-X.org :: consumed (Oberlichtsaal Ost), opens at 20.00 hrs onwards

order at Hellerau.org or at  Ticket2day in the Societätstheater

Please note that only a limited number of tickets will be available! We recommend booking your tickets in advance!


This music project was originated by Gerald Donald. The true identity of the musicians is however kept secret as they all have pseudonyms, In connection with rare public appearances this serves to mystify the band on purpose. The name of the band refers to the physical phenomenon of the Doppler shift (or effect)

Their influential and style-forming publications, e.g. »Gesamtkunstwerk« (complete work of art) are characterized by minimalism, synthesizer-sounds in the style of Kraftwerk, the use of vocoder-voices that often have a humorous tone but also regular vocals. The lyrics are about topics like technology and science, including physics and bio-technology or racism as well as new media and cybersex.

DS-X.org :: »Consumed«
»Consumed« can be referred to as »supercollider ambient space«. It is an assembly in space that arranges images and sounds sequentially. Furthermore it syncopates them and puts them into relation by their computer-aided algorithmic co-ordination.

»Consumed« is based on the drawings of Natalja Pomozovas. They are produced whilst listening to the music. With the inspiration of vibration and movement each individual track adds a special character to the graphics. The meticulous exploration by listening, make her create physically perfectionist or even dreamy and filigree pieces of aesthetic art. In combination with the motion-sensing-system by Kalypso (Frieder Weiß) the drawings that were originally static become moving graphics by the changing position of the visiting audience and image analysis. In this process various generators are connected (e.g. particle systems.

»hey, turn up the music, otherwise I get depressed!« and »carry on« featuring »people here, people there, people dancin everywhere«, credit00

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