intolight's CHET - Collective Hedonistic Environments Toolkit – Interactive Audiovisual Party

CHET ist a special toolkit for musicians, VJs and media artists. All of them meet a week before the great event and prepare an interactive event during this workshop. The guests are invited to play and interact with various interfaces during this night, to have influence to sound and grafix.
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26.november // 22.00 o'clock (groĂźer Festspielsaal)
CYNETART, Festspielhaus Hellerau

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SKYENCE (Dubkraft, Stoke Audio, Hamburg, DE)
BENJAMIN DAMAGE (50 Weapons, Solva, London, UK)
ORKESTER KUBICZEK (Noize Creator & Echology) (Suburban Trash, Dresden, DE)
STEVE.E (Uncanny Valley, Sub Sickness, Dresden, DE)
HEADNOAKS (Blackred / Transient Force, Leipzig, DE)

Desaxismundi (Nantes, FR)
Johannes Timpernagel (, Berlin, DE)
Laterne (Dresden, DE)

SKYENCE (Dubkraft, Stoke Audio, Hamburg, Germany)

Expect the unexpected! We could already listen to his upcoming album. He is a diverse styled musician. His path has lead him from the native land of hiphop, over the hills of zion, passing the babylon wall, through the basswaves of electro, floating on the raging current of drum&bass right down to the deep realms of dubstep - packed with nothing more than passion, patience and ambition. |

Audio: SKYENCE & VIDEO: Johannes Timpernagel // nominated for the VisualMusicAward 2011

BENJAMIN DAMAGE (50 Weapons, Solva, London/Berlin)

'Deep Rave' sound, featuring haunting melodies, intricate rhythms and vicious bass, received radio play on Rinse FM and Radio 1. Promptly signed to '50 Weapons' label. An invitation to perform on the Modeselektion tour followed, which included a special show in Melt! Festival.

ORKESTER KUBICZEK (Suburban Trash, Dresden)

Newcomer meets root musician. One of the longest active Dresden based musician, with many skills and interest in producing great electronic music, from dark to IDM to horror to movie like to dubstep and even juke, with artist name Noize Creator, meets the newcomer Echology, smart power animal with lots of laptop battle experience and a love to IDM and good electronics, who played alongside Cuthead, Thavius Beck, K-The-I und Yara Bravo die BĂĽhne. |

STEVE.E! (Uncanny Valley, Sub Sickness, Dresden)

pure passion for Dubstep and Dnb; started in the underground location L'houp

Blackred / Transient Force, Leipzig, DE

Headnoaks is one of the last few explorers standing for the real Electro vibe. Infected by the classic Detroit sound and its most mysterious project Drexciya, the Antizero-member realized his mission to open up the hidden connections between human thinking and computer arithmetic. Therefore you have to leave the well known places sometimes and exceed the lines of man behavior. But no fear, with Headnoaks on your side you will be back in time.

‎"Unbeirrt und konsequent": article at frohfroh blog Leipzig (in German language)