Trans-Media-Labor Hellerau  The focal point of TMA lab Hellerau is media education, reflection on media and interactive media art practice. Its philosophy is to create and provide space for creative exchange and coproduction in the field of arts based on new technologies. It is dedicated to mediation of various ways to perceive and to apply new media.

Projects within TMA lab Hellerau are for example European Tele-Plateaus, A.P.P.I.A. Lab or Ferienakademien - workshop for promotion of individual learning and own potentials of pupils. Ferienakademien TMA Hellerau is organizing during school holidays week-long courses on interactive environments since 2010. During this cost-free courses youths are learning the practical examination with new technologies and their creative application.

Virtuelles Parlament VIPA VIPA-is a internet platform: It addresses the current negotiations and talks about future potentials of a web-based democracy. The platform serves as panel for political discussions and opinion-polling in support of a political culture of the 21st century. Furthermore it provides political information and helps to generate decisions, exploring the scope of an open parliamentarian process. The first VIPA-Congress will offer opportunities for a direct exchange of experiences and perspectives of net-based participation as well as chances and limits of a trans-local web-based democracy.

A.P.P.I.A. workshop project A.P.P.I.A. stands for audio::::presence::::performance::::immersive:::art_lab Sound artists as well as other guests from relevant disciplines will be introduced to the fundamentals of production of virtual environments. This will happen within corresponding workshop. Moreover there is hardly a composer, who can grasp the nature of a virtual sound-space composition, that is only being realised by bodies in motion in a sensate and non-linear way. The content of artistic work in auditive virtual environments is focused on a cultural, mental and urban situation and on the mental and political climate of participating artists. A.P.P.I.A. Workshop explores sound aesthetics and mental body awareness within a motion-tracking environment. Participants are invited to explore specific sounds for specific movements. How does the sound feel like in your body? How can movement change the texture of sound in order to make it more suitable to what we want to communicate toward an audience? A.P.P.I.A. Workshops took place in: Santiago de Chile at CNCA – Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, in framework of MUTEK.CL, in Montevideo at Arts School, Universidad de la Republica in framework of SOCO – International festival of advanced music and culture, [supported by Goethe Institut Uruguay], in Dnipropetrowsk at Kvartira Art Centre in Dnipropetrowsk, [supported by Goethe Institut Kiew] and in Montréal at PHI Center Montréal – MUTEK Festival [supported by the Free State of Saxony].

TANDEM/Shaml-project: InterLAB: Cairo-Dresden 2012/2013 InterLAB is a dynamic and vibrating platform for creative collaboration and artistic creation focused on innovative interactive devices. InterLAB aims to be a virtual and temporary physical open space for young creatives from all over the world who want to do border-crossing projects going beyond usual cooperations. InterLAB Cairo-Dresden is the pioneer-version of the general InterLAB idea born and realized within TANDEM/Shaml program 2012/2013. During that first InterLAB - edition emerging media artists and computer scientists from Dresden and Cairo got their hands on new technologies and created playful alternatives to „usual“ tools of communication and collective creativity.

Visitor's information: Trans-Media-Labor Historische Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau Haus D, 1. Etage Moritzburger Weg 67 01109 Dresden Directions


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