Virtual Exhibition
by Igor Sovilj ↲

The Imaginary Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a project that started in 2007. It explores the imaginary aspect and the nature of political, juridical and social existence of the Bosnian state; deeply divided into two separate entities (Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina). As a whole Bosnia Herzegovina today is a country that exists on the imaginary level in the memories of the Bosnian population living abroad or in the everyday international politics and media. The Imaginary Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010 is located in the three-dimensional online gallery Art Zeppelin, a project by Mladen Bundalo and Dajan Spiric, members of the Tac.ka Artists’ Association from Prijedor in Bosnia. The six aspects of the Imaginary of the Bosnian state will be presented and explored in the Art Zeppelin online gallery. The project is organized by Igor Sovilj, currently holding a scholarship of the Robert Bosch Foundation’s Program for Cultural Managers from Central and East Europe.

exhibition @ CYNETART 2010:

’ ! ’ | Transducers | Post Mortem | MoshPit Amp | [oszo 34]TM | WOPPOW | LAG | Default to Public | Mirror | ArtZeppelin | Radical ATM Service | Frühstück

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