CYNETART – 18th international festival for computer based art and transdisciplinary media projects

13th to 19th November 2014 in Dresden (Location: Festspielhaus Hellerau and others)

CYNETART 2014 Header

CY NET ART testifies to the life of intertwined species and shows options of connectivity with specifically designed perception architectures. The modelation of coexistence reflects our understanding of ourselves. Our demand for contact among each other and to other species, so it be purely energetic or mediated, is ongoing.

In the sense of cybernetics comprehension relationships between disciplines and types are drawn, networked together, set into relation to each other. The technical interfaces form the interfaces of the transformation of bodies (ant colonies, human, organic crops, etc.) into data, thus in possible information for process control and the processing of technical procedures. Due to their informal qualities feedback loops offer connections and thus confirm the assumption that all is connected to everything, all mutually conditionally.

From 13 to 19 November, CYNETART festival invites to various atmo-spheres, in which we will meet under the roof of the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden.

The "roomies" of the spaces and spheres will be international media artists, for instance the winners of this year's CYNETART competition or invited in relation to collaborations with world renowned institutions.

As a central point in the Grand Hall of the Festspielhaus there will be to experience a fulldome hemisphere: an extra built large spherical segment as a temporary zone of art. Artists play encircling 360° hemisphere filling projections and sound and thus combine the latest technological possibilities with artistic practice. The self-built "Planetarium" is an area, in which the quest will be: plunge and immerse.


Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau and HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts engage with artists dealing with process-driven changes in our society, who pair their observations with new media technologies to produce their art projects. From 13th to 19th November 2014 Festspielhaus Hellerau will become a space for reflection about our medialized society. The transformative effects of digital technologies on our culture, experiences and individual perceptions will be explored throughout a variety of formats, including the exhibition, panel discussions and live performances.


Every two years the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau and their partners announce the CYNETART Competition and with the historically and currently important Festspielhaus Hellerau it offers an extraordinary venue for public presentations and the performance of inter- and transdisciplinary media art investigations. Please find the CYNETART Competition 2014 under the link