Virtual Choir VR Talk

in German language

from left to right: Katharina GroƟ, Natalie Wagner, Doreen Baldauf and Aleksandra Bespalova

In the VR Talk, guests of VR designer and media artist Katharina GroƟ (Artistic Director VIRTUAL CHOIR were dancer and VR experience expert Natalie Wagner and UX designers Doreen Baldauf and Aleksandra Bespalova. Together they narrated and discussed bodily experiences in virtual reality environments and embodiment dimensions of VR technology.

Baldauf and Bespalova jointly developed the VR application "Behind Closed Doors" for their Master's degree, which deals with exclusion on the labour market. Both GroƟ and Baldauf independently engaged with Maurice Merleau-Ponty's body phenomenology in the course of their VR research. This enables both to place Wagner's VR experiences and Bespalova's VR software-technical expertise in a larger context of the co-evolution of technical and human modes of existence. What challenges and opportunities lie and, above all, misunderstandings accompany this no longer all that new immersive media technology?

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