A U S S T E L L U N G   2 0 1 2
15. - 21. November (montags geschlossen)
Ort: Festspielhaus Hellerau (Karte)
5/3€ (in Kombination mit Abendkarte frei)

Thu, 15.11. 6 to 11 pm
Fr, 16.11. 6 to 11 pm
Sat, 17.11. 2 to 11 pm
Sun, 18.11. 2 to 8 pm
Mo, 19.11. closed
Tue, 20.11. 6 to 11 pm
Wedn, 21.11. 2 to 8 pm

PERFORMANCE E-ansã at following days:
Do. 15., Fr. 16. & Sat. 17. November 7pm to 11 Uhr

Following works will be shown:

Kerstin Ergenzinger
Rotes Rauschen Sculpture
The sculptural sense organ measures and translates ambient noise and unrest.

Ricardo O’Nascimento
E-ansã Performance
E-ansã reacts to the presence of cell phone frequency signals.

Nika Oblak & Primož Novak
Sisyphus Actions pneumatische Video Installation / pneumatic video installation
We are trapped by our daily routine and artificially produced consumerist needs.

Maja Smrekar
Hu.M.C.C. - Human Molecular Colonization Capacity Installation
In the context of potential global food deficit in the future Hu.M.C.C. touches delicate issues.

Verena Friedrich
Cellular Performance
Language in the age of body-related consumer products using pseudo-scientific language.

Philipp Artus
Snail Trail 3D-Laser Animation
Follow the phosphorescent snail trail.

Julius Stahl
Wellenfelder Installation
The deep spectrum World on a Wire

Marcel Helmer
Technology Addiction Device / Prototype
A philosophical device, pointing to the rare occasions of technological deprivation.

Marcel Helmer
Nearness Metaphysisches device / prototyp
A philosophical device storing the nature of a human touch.

Dik Sum Man
61 Video
Documentation of happening that took place in Tiananmen Square on 2nd October 2010.

Carolin Weinert
»teer me apart« Videoperformance
hybrid between convict and jester, object of attraction and observer.



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