CYNETART 2017 - Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification

Aurelia 1+Hz/proto viva sonification is an interactive performance that explores the phenomena of interspecies communication, environmental sonification and underwater acoustics with jellyfish. Jellyfish are one of the rare organisms that seem perfectly suited for the Anthropocene. The current sixth mass extinction may not apply to them, in fact their numbers are increasing. It is not (yet) known how they communicate. Do they feel vibrations? The gravity receptors of the aurelia aurita (calcium crystals) are the same as in the human inner ear. The performance features live broadcast sound produced by Aurelia aurita (also known as the moon jellyfish). Sound loops with recordings of the jellyfish and sound experiments generated from jellyfish blooms recorded in the sea are mixed together to create a new soundscape score that is compiled into an immersive, sonic and visual experience. The artists see the exploration of interspecies communication as crucial to developing a better understanding of the Earth's environment and restoring a deeper relationship between all life forms.

Public lecture: Presentation of the performance Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification

On the theme of interspecies communication, jellyfish-human interaction, aquatic ecology.... Artist Robertina ┼áebjani─Ź presents the research and backbone of the Aurelia 1+Hz project, with a special focus on the process of sonification of living systems. Sonification of the environment or sonification of processes is communication and is therefore a step towards understanding communication and coexistence between species.

Video: Janine M├╝ller, Konrad Behr

The A/V performance "Aurelia 1 + Hz/proto viva sonification" and "Public lecture: presentation of the performance Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification" by Robertina ┼áebjani─Ź + Slavko Glamo─Źanin in the framework of CYNETART 2017 was supported by the SHAPE platform and co-financed by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union.

CYNETART 2017 - J├╝rgen Michaelis (JOMOX) in conversation with Ulf Langheinrich (TMA)

JOMOX is cult in the techno and house scene, and J├╝rgen Michaelis is the genius behind the brand. The RESONATOR NEURONIUM is his most personal synthesiser.

"I'm interested in quantum physics, cosmology and system dynamic networks, life itself, i.e. under scientific aspects, but also growth processes and global environmental stuff. I had also sometimes thought about changing industries and getting into renewable energy. And that's how the resonator neuron synthesis then came about, a parallel universe that is actually completely detached. The Resonator Neuronium is an absolutely experimental synthesiser based on the combination of neuronal networks and resonant filters. The appeal lies in the extreme complexity and unpredictability of the sounds. I showed it to people when they were interested and preferred to talk them out of it, but then most of them wanted one."

Video: Janine M├╝ller, Konrad Behr

The concert J├╝rgen Michaelis plays Resonator Neuronium followed by a talk with Ulf Langheinrich as part of CYNETART 2017 was supported by the SHAPE Platform and co-financed by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union..



Valentina Cabro invites you to a 24-hour performance.

24 HOURS is a 24-hour interdisciplinary non-stop workshop happening for people of all kinds. Artists from Ukraine, China, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Germany and England have been woven into a Gesamtkunstwerk of participatory art by choreographer and dancer Valentina Cabro during the preparations for this year's CYNETART 2017. This kind of art and its structure comes alive through the interaction of participants and artists.

People with no previous experience, as well as participants with a background in movement, dance, performance and sound art are welcome. Join us in the big hall of the Festpielhaus Hellerau for 24 hours of celebrating life as a laboratory, a big stage and a shared space of learning.

Caroline Beach, Valentina Cabro, Sascha Henkel, Luo Yuebing, Marcello Lussana, Jonas Marx, Lotte Mueller, Mika Oki, Guillaume Pires Parada, Anne Seidel, Charles Washington, v4w.enko and others.

Start Sat 18.11. 2017, 20:00 | End Sun 19.11. 2017, 20:00

CYNETART would like to invite you to spend 24 hours connecting with what we bring with us in the greatest and most unique complexity: our bodies. You will be guided through a journey that will carry you through 24 hours of performance and information. Guided contact improvisations and free jams will accompany you around the clock in this context and bring you closer to different topics.

As the 24-hour network unfolds through time and space, we invite you to improvise and get in touch with the complex sensory network of our own analogue body. Sound space and play space give room for meditation and touch with living and artificial matter, light, sound and effect in a constantly changing space.