CYNETART 2010 :: Automatic Clubbing Night II

ReView to 2010's second Automatic Clubbing night.

The whole event generated a symbiosis of electronic live concert (Oni Ayhun aka Olof Dreijer) and site-specific architectural staging by the use of various image-guided media and materials.

At the same time a masquerade, developed by Rebekka Böhme, Johanna Roggan and Lydia Mojzis, reinforces the experience. Dressed by young HfBK designers, Palucca school students perform space in an unexpected manner.

At the same time it was the Uncanny Valley record label showcase. Dresden's rocking new label for electronic dance music (deep house) did it's debut in best international company of Oni Ayhun aka Olof Dreijer and Dresden's Jacob Korn.

The whole as a cooperation with the creative agency intolight. Their label-related art project Uncanny Heroes explores innovative interfaces, where sound meets audience participation. This is though only one of many components underlying the immersive environment created that night.

At the origin of this E.C.A.S. project lies a unique network composed of Arts Academy members, Palucca Dance Academy Dresden, TMA Hellerau as well as local creative agencies as EJECT Systems, Uncanny Valley GbR and Intolight.

This project marks the beginning of E.C.A.S. "Networking Tomorrow's Art For An Unknown Future" activities. E.C.A.S. cultural festivals and events, as living laboratories, investigate new forms and models in order to present artworks, engage the audience and develop new working methods.

see also Marlon's video blog for details to Uncanny Heroes and the label showcase...

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