LĂłpez Immersive Sound

Francisco López’s concerts are immersive sonic experiences in the dark, with multi-channel surround systems and blindfolds provided for the public. Created from a myriad of original sound environments (both natural and artificial) collected from all over the world, they however do not present mere “soundscapes” but much rather virtual worlds of sound in which the listeners develop their own experience in an environment where the rules and the parameters are defined by the sounds themselves, felt as space and as a physical dynamic force. Renown for the intensity, richness and complexity of these virtual worlds, this is one of the kinds of experience not to be missed!

Wednesday, the 17th of november 2010 in the Festspielhaus Hellerau. At 8pm.
Tickets: normal : 8,00 € / social : 6,00 €
oder in Kombination mit dem Vortag (DRIFT / Particle ): 12,00 € / 9,00 €

Mor informations: http://www.franciscolopez.net

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