modular system
by Verena Friedrich ↲

Winner of The CYNETART sponsorship award of the Saxon Ministry of Fine Arts 2010 ↲

photo1: © Max Schroeder

TRANSDUCERS is an installation composed of several laboratory glass devices, each of which contains a unique element: A single human hair. In the course of preparation, hair samples were collected from different individuals and implanted into the test tubes. The human material is triggered by the machinery and is stimulated to react. This reaction is registered and transduced into an audible output that implicitly encodes the hair samples‘ physiological constitution.
TRANSDUCERS seeks to question the dominance of science in describing life and its basic units. Every audible result provides a technological interpretation of identity – freely oscillating between life and laboratory work, between individuality and classification, between biology and its technoscientifical appropriation.

exhibition @ CYNETART 2010:

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