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recension – The World as Virtual Environment

New Book: The World as Virtual Environment Topic: “Tele-Plateaus” Authors connected to Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau present their thoughts of virtual and almost global (world) communication in their collections of essays „The World as Virtual Environment“ published on the occasion of the CYNETart_07encounter festival. Authors with a background in media art, stage direction, electronic sound-composition, journalism, cultural […]

encounterBLOG 25 November, Sunday

this night/last night was the last night, full of sound and fury, as they say in Macbeth, great audio-visual environments and compositions, a visual-music marathon, Kirschner’s Puppenspiel (live digital animation), live gamepad coding by Dave Griffiths, and live sound performances in the concluding “convextion” session. convextion is a new word. the collaboration on the live […]

encounterBLOG // 24 November, Saturday

glow in the dark 2 performances by dancers of the Chunky Move Company charmed our audiences last night, one could sense the delight among the people who left the auditorium — these works were altogether successful in their apparent marriage of choreography and animated projection (interactive visuals). let us look at the marriage and at […]

encounterBLOG // 23 November, Friday

2,5 degrees, grey skies, dry, occasional light raindrops. there is a rehearsal this afternoon, Glow is getting ready for its premiere tonight. as there are two dancers who each perform the solo, both of them will rehearse the full piece with the motion tracking system. the two dancers are Kristy Ayre and Sara Black. glow, […]

encounterBLOG 22 November, Thursday

dissolution in the atmospheric noise click here to see Video there was much discussion, many different viewpoints that were exchange, after the premiere of Movement A, and might come back to some of the issues mentioned in the debates. but we also need to look ahead, the Australian company, Chunky Move, has arrived, their luggage […]

encounterBLOG 21 November, Wednesday

movement A: premiere of ‘dance in audio-visual environment’ by Ulf Langheinrich, with Toshiko Oiwa (dance), Dirk Langheinrich (software), Mayu SaSajima (costume). Festpielhaus Hellerau. as the audience walks into the hall and heads for the raked platforms on either side of the “dancefloor,” a pleasant disco sound embraces us. down on the dancefloor, a platin blonde […]

encounterBLOG 20 November, Tuesday

minus 1 degrees. it is cold, and we meet for warm up rehearsal at 14:oo in the dance stduio on the second floor of the west building. bring dance clothes and warm socks. later i shall begin reflecting on Toshiko’s dance Movement A. A Movement. (earlier titles of the new piece): this body this machine […]

encounterBLOG // 19 November, Monday

today is a resting day, there are no performances, but i will take a walk around the studios and exhibition areas and share some impressions of the installation by Mulleras Dance Company. 96 Details (96 Modules). films/interactive installation [created by Magali and Didier Mulleras; video/multimedia: Nicolas Grimal, Didier Mulleras; music/sound design: Didier Mulleras; Dancers: Magalie […]

encounterBLOG 18 November, third night

sunday afternoon featured Meeting Places: Art and Science, Performance in Real and in Virtual Hellerau. this project is a collaboration between King’s Visualization Lab (KVL, King’s College London) and TMA Hellerau with the aim of creating a mixed-reality installation that can extend a historical performance design concept (created in the beginning of the 20th century […]

encounterBLOG 17 November, second night

“The robot often cries. Why shouldn’t you?” 22:o1 the second night features a networked performance by two artists, currently in Hong Kong (China), who were invited to experiment with the concept of the “tele-plateaus” in their own unique manner. Ballettikka Internettikka Stattikka (enacted by Igor Stromajer and Brane Zorman) the audience take their seats just […]

encounterBLOG 16 November, 2007, opening night

encounter as “blog” is writing as if we were together, at this event, in this location (and its networked co-sites), communicating a shared experience. or experiences that perhaps need to be articulated and exchanged to obtain a sense of what this CYNETart festival aims to do. it’s the 11th edition of the computer-based arts festival […]


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