The Trans-Media-Laboratory opens for the occasion of the »Portrait after 100 years«

Hellerau art project on the traces of the present

On the occasion of its centenary the association of the Hellerau citizens (registered assoc.) is hosting a multi-layered art event, which is going to be a living reflection of the historic garden village of Hellerau and their inhabitants. On this occasion TMA Hellerau is going to open its laboratory in the building complex of the »Deutsche Werkstätten« (German workshop) and is going to demonstrate collaborative work with networked virtual environments within the European Tele-Plateau project. The Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau (TMA) together with their partners from Madrid, Norrköping and Prague launched the project »European Tele-Plateaus – Transnational Sites of Encounter and Co-Production«. This network of virtual environments is based on the conceptual and practical activities that the TMA has been pursuing for many years and will be funded by the European Union through the year 2010. The project aims at creating publicly accessible virtual sites of sound and vision. By providing a virtual environment these spaces allow sensory-physical interactions over long distances in real-time. The visitors’ physical activities are linked and embedded in a trans-local virtual environment. Thus, so-called hyper-sites emerge which integrate various locally significant visual and sound processes via the internet. The concept of Tele-Plateaus intends to encourage interdisciplinary and intercultural ways of thinking and working as well as new forms of cross-border communication and co-operation.

The »Portrait after 100 years« is based on a rather simple concept: citizens of the suburb of Hellerau open the doors of their homes or shops to an artist. The work of art of the painters, sculptors, photographers, light-, sound- and performance artists is required to deal with the location and surrounding of the host as perceived by the artist. It must be site specific.

The Trans-Media laboratory will be open as follows:
Saturday, 6th June – 13-19 hrs
Sunday, 7th June – 13-19 hrs
Sunday, 14th June – 13-19 hrs
Dresden-Hellerau, Moritzburger Weg 67, Block D, 1th floor, Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau Laboratory
For directions how to get there please see: directions