’ ! ’

sound sculpture by Anke Eckardt

CYNETART award 2010 : Artist-in-Residence-grant of the Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts


Steel and plexiglas tank. Coloured fluid. Loudspeaker. Pneumatic technology. Light. MAX/MSP-programming.

What compromises are we making when we try to settle on a particular interpretation of the world by the ambigous information we get from our senses?
A loudspeaker hanging above plays a shot that seems to trigger an ‘eruption’ in the water tank standing below. All technical equipment involved that creates the two separate events is invisible, enabling the experience of an illusion by synaesthetic perception. Viewers are tricked into connecting unconnected events; assuming that what they see and hear is cause and effect. The fallibility of perception is what makes us human. Technological advancements gives us reason to distrust our own senses.

exhibition @ CYNETART 2010:

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