Trans-Media-Akademie/CYNETart at NODE.L (London)

Anja Dietel and Thomas Dumke will present the Dresden computer based art festival CYNETart at “Spring NODE.L ’08” on 12th of March in London (address: 2nd Floor, 17–25 Cremer Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 8HD).

NODE.London is a seasonal gathering of media art, showing how London is budding with fresh exhibitions, discussions, musical events and participatory projects. In this condition Thomas Dumke was asked by Ghislaine Boddington (body>data>space) to come to London. „Open In Process“ events take place as a series of live presentation events followed by open debates, focusing on collaborative making processes for interdisciplinary interactive arts. Body>data>space is a platform that works with visionary integration of body, technologies and environment.

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