Musical insight view CYNETART 2010

These days, our friends from »Cosmic Listener« presented a special radio show, presenting this years festival musical highlights.

Cosmic Listener October 2010: Cynetart Special by The Moroders

Kern – LBDD04 [Phonocake]
Eduard Artemiew – Zerkalo Soundtrack Excerpt
Eduard Artemiew – Stalker Soundtrack Excerpt
Zerkalo – Experiment Zero [Frustrated Funk]
Dopplereffekt – Scientist [International Deejay Gigolo]
Zerkalo – Warning You [Clone Aqualung]
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra – Sleepy Lagoon
Annie Hall – Wine And Beats [Semantica]
Annie Hall – Defective Model [Fundamental]
Deux – Game And Performance [Stones Throw]
Traxx – A Heart Alone [Nation]
Oni Ayhun – 004B [Oni Ayhun Records]
Jason Fine – Control Voltage (Oni Ayhun Remix) [Kontra-Musik]
Credit 00 – Malfunction