July 28: lecture in Dresden: Embodied and Distributed Knowledge in Social Networks ) case: dance-tech.net (

Lecture this wednesday 8pm to 10pm @ MUSE 010 Palucca Schule Dresden. : Shared Movements: Embodied and Distributed Knowledge in Social Networks (case: dance-tech.net) by Marlon Barrios Solano (NYC/Dresden) creator of www.dance-tech.net July 28, 2010; Organized By: Tanzplan Dresden

He shares his experience with the platforms dance-tech.net, dance-techTV and DANCE TECH as a sustainable model of production, exchange and distribution of knowledge within trans-local communities. Horizontal architectures of the new internet is presented as a paradigm for the materialization of open social dynamics as a space for action, movement, sampling and social innovation. dance-tech.net emerges as an alternative repository of cognitive/social capital and as a relational intervention that arises a critical analysis of the boundaries between bodies, countries, disciplines and organizations.