D-Fuse are a London-based audiovisual art collective who use the creative potential of emerging technologies to explore social and environmental issues. Founded in the mid 90’s by Michael Faulkner, the group’s diverse creative backgrounds combine in a cross-disciplinary practice, including live multi-screen audio-visual performances, experimental documentary, photography, and temporary architectural installations.

D-Fuse are widely recognised as pioneers of VJ culture, and in 2006 edited the book VJ: Audiovisual Art and VJ Culture. Now at the forefront of the emerging genre of Live Cinema, the key relationship between sound and image underpins all of D-Fuse’s work. Sound Director Matthias Kispert composes evocative soundscapes from field recordings, electromagnetic interferences and recordings of different musical cultures, building a material link between the sounds of everyday life and the group’s visual work.


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