Anne Seidel - Sound Memories

Sound Art Installation, 2011 // Musikzimmer
Sound Memories
‘Sound Memories‘ is a triadic sound art project that broadens the emanations of sound memory and that consolidates imagination and reality within the realms of sound poetry.
Since fantasy interferes incessantly with recollection, the artist’s presentation aims at raising memory by deliberately embedding it in everyday ambiance and by correspondingly creating sound as a prerequisite for memory, also to intercede in the alienation of one’s own memories.
The poems by Anne Seidel are defined by the title ‘Sound Memories’ and mirror the aesthetics and narrowness which are coagulated in the memories of sound. Her pieces are imbued with the ‘absolute real’ and unveil the meaning of fragmentation.
Only if an image exists can single pieces be grasped and put together. Have we lost this image?

A one-word-projection depicts this disintegration. 10 of Anne Seidel’s recited poems, produced by Jan Christoph Siegele, match this installation and are the basic material which gradually becomes estranged. This alienation occurs via a microphone which continuously records and renders the noise of visitors, the building and the microphone itself and results in the congealed memory. Programming, visual and estrangement effects by Matthias Härtig.

Sound Art Installation, 2011
by Anne Seidel

Concept/Realisation/Recordings/Poems: Anne Seidel
Mastering: Jan Christoph Siegele
Programming: Matthias Härtig
Many thanks to YPL and

Supported and funded by the Projektförderung der Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz, Dresden 2011

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