opening event

Fri 16th November | 8pm, Festspielhaus Hellerau
admission: 5 €
Formal address on the opening of CYNETart_07encounter

opening performance

8:30 pm, Festspielhaus Hellerau

Composer: Wilfried Jentzsch
Performer: Udo Zickwolf

»mimpi« is a project which will be realised by »EyeCon«, a camera motion system. It represents an interface between physical and virtual space. Sound realisation will be done by Supercollider.
The application of interactive and virtual sound spaces serves as a connecting link between composition and performance work in an original manner. The mediative presence of performer Udo Zickwolf corresponds neatly with the virtual sound space created by Wilfried Jentzsch.
The performance sets an example in that it leaves the classic position of dance and music composition behind by bringing together time and space. In doing so it spotlights the interrelationships between body, space, spirit and soul. The multi-faceted sound composition forms a space which connects with the miniscule body movements of the performer. This facilitates the penetration of inner and outer processes. It also ties on the meditative element of making music as well as classis forms of meditation.

Support by: Dresden Innovation Funds for Art and Media Technology (DIF)

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