Call for Entries for Light-Sound Festival transNATURALE 2008

The 3rd transNATURALE 2007 was an event with a mix of lake-light-projections, light-sound installations, a multi-media performance called „Boxberg-Time-Layers“, a presentation of eleven temporary art projects around the Bärwalde Lake as well as dance installations in the Uhyst Mansion. This festival clearly highlighted the unique connection of art and countryside in Saxony. Forty artists from five countries took part.

The 4th transNATURALE 2008 in the Bärwald Lake Country Park also aims to provide an original link between cultural, industrial and natural areas. This will be the focal point of attention.

Apart from the shut-down turbine hall of the decommissioned power station Boxberg, a circular art track around the biggest quarry pond in Saxony and 26km in length will be a genuine attraction for thousands of visitors from 29th until 31st August.

For transNATURALE 2008 approximately ten temporary projects with a combination of artistic design and „archaeological“ research will be located around the Bärwalde Lake on the basis of the call for entries. It will be particularly appreciated if the countryside, the past and future of the area are taken into account. Items found on the grounds can also be featured. They can be processed, placed into varied contexts and be shaped into new forms.

There will be a budget of max € 1000, – for the realisation of each project for a total of 10 selected projects. Please bear in mind that the works positioned along the round art track will be visited during daylight hours (approx. 9.00 – 19.00 hrs) and that there will be no power supply mains near the lake banks.  In case electricity will be needed, we encourage the use of solar energy (please make plans for realisation of such).

The appointed artists can take part on a one-day tour around the lake at the end of May 2008. The specific locations of the individual works will then be determined on this tour.

For further information about the festival please see

Submissions until 15 April 2008 should be addressed to:
Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau / transNATURALE
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 56
01109 Dresden
Tel: 0351-889 66 69

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