The Festival As Lab Toolkit (FALT) is a method and set of tools for developing living lab research projects and for a new kind of relationship between a festival and its partners and host city.
It uses the web to provide tools and open source methods for real-world technology rapid prototyping, open innovation and city development.

Festival As Lab Toolkit (FALT) is a Manchester innovation that has been taken up around the world. It has been adopted as the annual theme of the ECAS festivals network and festivals including New Forms (Vancouver), MUTEK (Montreal), Cimatics (Brussels), CYNETART (Dresden), CTM/Clubtransmediale (Berlin), Insomnia (Tromso), Nuart (Stavanger) and FutureEverything (Manchester).
The Festival As Lab Toolkit (FALT) is here.

Festival As Lab and Festival As Lab Toolkit was developed by FutureEverything in collaboration with ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University.

Festivals can be agile RND environments for real-world rapid prototyping, open innovation and user-led design. They are participatory spaces that nurture play, risk and community creation. Festivals are intermediaries between global creative communities, stakeholders and local citizens. They can be tuned to experiment not only in artistic content but in technology prototyping and city development.
The goal of FALT is to:

  • Provide the tools for festivals around the world to act as living labs

  • Enable creative communities to drive open innovation

  • Stimulate new RND in art, media, technology and city development

  • Create intermediaries between policy, technology research, citizens and the arts

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