Post Me_New ID-Forum Day Two

The pervasive self-conscious feeling that accompanied me on the day of my quickfire began to dissolve.

I start to appreciate Ghislaine for the hard work, attention and alertness she is investing into the moderation.

Steve Dixon’s keynote has given me a taxonomy framework of the species of digital bodies, which I think is absolutely on spot, and brilliantly reasoned.

Any Michael Takeo Magruder’s public appearance will make you wonder why this sharp young man doesn’t devote more of his time to elaborating his precise and take-no-bullshit thoughts into a smash hit new media theory book.

I ¬†don’t really remember what Fiddian Warman was saying. I just mentally nodded to everything. You would nod to everything that the man who made a dying robot says. Unfortunately, it worked like brainwashing, I forgot what it was. All I was thinking of was the dying robot. And the priest robot. And the pogoing artificial intelligences.

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